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2 years ago

Issues with Deactivated Bank Feeds

Hi All,

I have recently deactivated a Bank feed as we have changed banks and I have set up new feeds.

Though I have reconciled the old account, deactivated bank feed and made the account inactive, it is still showing in the bank feeds screen, but comes up with a warning to say that a bank feed is not associated.


Can anyone assist in helping to fix this, as I believe I have done everything to ensure that it no longer shows.



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  • Hi kj85


    Thanks for your post. Does the bank account status show as cancelled ? 

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      Hi Melisa


      Yes it shows as cancelled.



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        Hi kj85


        Thanks for confirming that. The message usually means that one or more bank feeds do not have an associated account in the Manage Bank Accounts window. If there is a bank feed with a cancelled status or that is not active, it will still need a bank account associated. You can create a dummy bank account in the Accounts List to assign to the associated account. That should stop the warning as it is now finding an associated account.


        Do let me know if you have any further questions. 


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