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4 years ago

Reconciliation Outstanding Cheques in Bank Reconciliation

Hi Team


I've been reading through the questions and answers to this in the Community, however still unsure what to do.


We have Outstanding cheques appearing in our Reconciliation Report - and it's all wages and superannuation, however the expected Balance of the Statement is correct as per the Bank Statement.


The only way I could reconcile the statement was to UNCHECK boxes (not the bank actual transactions, but the ones generated in MYOB payroll) as these keep appearing twice on the Bank Register, but these unchecked boxes now show as outstanding on the reconciliation report every month.


This has been occurring since September 2020 and now I'm wondering what I should do - I can't have this happening each month.


I've taken over the role as finance officer in September, and noticed we hadn't done a back up in MYOB since April on the laptop that I use. Have been backing up since September.


If I clear the cache how far back should I clear - do I select April? And does this fix the issue?



I've since discovered when going to Report, Reconcilation, Advance Filters in October the reconcilation date is incorrect and appears to not have Reconciled?! So, do I need to Undo all Bank Reconciliations right back to October and redo, or can I reconcile just October? Is that possible?


Thanks for your help.




  • TracyL2 


    Hi Tracy


    You can send me those screenshots by private message.


    It sounds like there is a duplication happening somewhere. Once I have a look at those screenshots we'll be able to work it out.


    Can you open both transactions that are appearing in the Bank Register and send me screenshots of those too.

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  • Hi TracyL2 


    Thanks for your post. The first thing I'd look into is why those transactions are appearing as outstanding. Have they been changed so have become unreconciled? Have they been recorded twice?


    I would recommend going through the steps in this help article to work out what's happened: Resolving out of balance bank reconciliations


    Bank reconciliations do need to be completed in date order, as such, you wouldn't be able to go back and reconcile October now. If there is an issue with the October rec you would need to undo all reconciliations back to October and then re-reconcile.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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      Thanks for the reply.


      I'll give it a shot and check the link you've provided, and yes the entries appear twice in the MYOB feed - but like this as an example:


      The Bank Feed displays wages 3/2/21 (the date the wages are set to be auto paid), then I process the wages on 4/2/21 - so I therefore end up with two entries in MYOB for the same week of pays.

      So when I come to reconcile the month of February - the wages appear twice for each fortnight and I end up with an OOB figure which is always the total sum of wages. The only way I can reconcile the month is to NOT include the MYOB entries for the 4/2/21, go to RECONCILE Accts - put the statement date and actual bank balance statement figure and then I'm no long OOB. However, as I've not inlcuded the payaments show up on the Reconciled Report as Outstanding.


      Hope that makes sense. Am I doing something wrong?





      I have to unclick the MYOB entries processed in MYOB

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        Hi TracyL2 


        Can you send me a screenshot of the Bank feed window showing the two transactions? Can you also tell me exactly what transactions you are processing?