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7 months ago

import file error 10 - invalid date

Hi All,


I read the instructions and firstly exported a timesheet file, and more or less copies the headings, and also the data as it was in the export, to create a new template for our employees to use.  It tells me the import was successful, but when I look at the activity log there is nothing there.  When i open up the file, it mentions error 10 - invalid date, but I copied the date format from the exported file i.e. 14/11/2023.  Can someone explain what is happening here.  Thanks in advance for your help

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    Hi Mortisha


    Thanks for posting your concern in the forum. 


    I understand how important importing is for your use case. Generally, this error appears because of formatting issues with the import file. In my understanding, the import file dates should be formatted in XX/YY/ZZZZ (X for the date, Y for the month, and Z for the year). I suggest opening the import file to check the date information and make sure the format is correct. If this does not fix the issue, feel free to attach a copy of the import file.


    Let us know if you require any further assistance with this. We're happy to help. 




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      Hi Genreve

      I am having a similar issue and hope you don't mind me adding to this post.

      Firstly, I cannot import a CSV file, have had to save the CSV file as a TXT file to import - AccountRight would not list the Fields to Match when a CSV file was selected.

      I am importing changes made to a file that was exported from MYOB.

      Have Error -10 Invalid date. Have opened the CSV file amended the date format to dd/mm/yyyy (it was on d/mm/yyy), then resaved the CSV file, but it still does not accept the date.

      Have attached both the TXT file and CSV file.

      Any help would be appreciated.



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        Hi CropServ 


        2 suggestions.

        Don't use any formatting in excel, $2,000 will be imported as "$2,000" (open txt file in notepad) and will cause an error. Use 2000 instead.


        Don't use automatch, manually map each column. As for date format, per MYOB moderators, MYOB requires the format as per your regional settings.


        Also helps to attach your importlog file, this can show which transaction caused the error.