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4 months ago

Pay Run vs Spend Money

When viewing my profit and loss reports I had a look at my payroll expenses and found that there are several transactions recorded, where I have payed my employees and it was recorded twice in the sy...
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    4 months ago

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    Thank you for your post. Seeing payroll expenses recorded twice in your profit and loss reports could be due to some reasons. The "Spend Money" category typically refers to general expenses, while "Pay Run" is specifically used for payroll transactions. If the same payroll transaction is being recorded under both categories, it could appear as if the expense is being recorded twice.


    Therefore, if you're seeing the same payroll transaction recorded twice, it might be worth conducting a thorough review of your transactions and bank reconciliation process to determine what's causing the transaction to show up twice.


    If the issue still persists after checking thoroughly, I highly recommend reaching out to our help sites like or to find MOCA, our virtual assistant for immediate queries. If MOCA can't help, you'll be automatically directed to our live chat team.


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