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2 months ago

My businesses log on has multiple old company files

Hello, last year we downgraded from Account Right to Business Pro on several of our company files. However the old files still appear when logging on or switching businesses. This is frustrating as we are constantly picking the wrong file. I rang MYOB support and they told me the old files would drop off after 3 months. I has now been much longer than that. Is there any way to delete the old files from appearing? Sorry if this is the wrong section but I couldn't find one that fit.

Thank You


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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Linda_S1


    I've already relayed your concern to the team. Files should be removed at least 90 days after cancellation, or they'll eventually disappear from our back-end servers over time. Sorry for any hassle with picking the right file! If there's anything you need assistance with, feel free to create a post again.


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