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11 months ago

My Google 2FA App has lost MYOB



Our Admin Manager uses the Google app for 2FA.  the app has removed MYOB and there is no access to login. We have tried on line help and also a phone call to MYOB, who have advised us they no longer help with 2FA over the phone.


Any suggestions how our Admin can get back into their account?


Thank you

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  • Hi brbw


    Thanks for reaching out. 


    Sorry to hear about your difficulties with logging in. The 2fa change service could now be located inside the Myaccount of your MYOB. 


    Let us know if you run into any problem and need assistance. We're happy to help. 




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      Hello Genreve


      Thank you for replying.


      Can you please tell me how to get into myob so that I can access MYaccount and fix the problem.


      My 2FA for MYOB is no longer in my Google Authenticator App.


      I spoke to customer service yesterday and they are unable to help.





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        Hi, brbw 


        Thanks for your response.


        To fix the issue, the Administrator may need to log in to their MyAccount. Once logged in, under the "I want to..." list, select Reset my 2FA then follow the prompts. Please refer to the screenshot below.



        You may also check The Help Article Setting up two-factor authentication on a new phone for further information.


        Please let us know if you require any further assistance with this.


        Best regards,