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8 months ago

Lost order

This has happened a few times now. 

Orders just vanish!


This morning I converted a quote to an order. (fortunately this time I have a copy of the paperwork)

No one has deleted it, but it has disappeared. 

Rebooted MYOB and it is still missing. 





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    I put in the same post last week and have not yet received an answer as to why this is happening!

    Hopefully someone at MYOB replies to your post so we can work out why this is happening as like you if we didnt have a copy of the order how would we know that the order/invoice has gone missing in the system!

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    Hi SID1 

    Depending on your settings, AccountRight may delete the original quote and/or give the sales order a new number.  There are many bugs and issues with AccountRight but this isn't one I have ever experienced. Please check these settings and see if that might be the reason for the lost order.



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      The other thing to check is the date of the order / invoice.  AccountRight may have used the date of the last order/invoice you edited or viewed as the date when the quote was converted.

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      Thank you

      Yeah my settings are correct. 

      This is not a frequent occurance, but an occurance that shouldn't happen just the same. 


      Fortunately I printed a copy after converting it. 

      It is for todays date, but I still ran a search back dating and forward dating just in case. 

      I have checked all orders for this customer and it hasn't renumbered it either 

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        Hi SID1


        Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community Forum. 


        I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties with the missing order. May I get you to check the Journal Security Audit to see if the transaction was deleted or altered by the system or any user? 


        We look forward to your response.