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2 months ago

"A problem occurred attempting to load MYOB team, please try again later"

As of 2/5/24 I am finding myself unable to log into the myob app. It was working yesterday but today not so much. While normally I only have to enter my 4-digit pin, today it's sent me back to the main screen, and after entering my email and password, no dice.


Here's what i've tried so far:

1. Changed my password twice.

2. Deleted and reinstalled app.

3. Phone is updated, app is updated.

4. Version 1.36.3 if it helps.


Is there anything else I can do to fix this? According to your site there is no current outage. 


I'm from Australia, if it's relevant. 

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  • I can't log into myob at all! Everytime i try to reload the page or open a new window i just get a blank screen! 


    I cant find anything online as to why?


    Any information would be appreciated

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      Yeah, when I click 'create account' and then try to sign in from that way, I can only get as far as the email authentification code. 


      When I type it in I get '503 Service Temporarily Unavailable'

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi everyone, 


    I appreciate you reaching out with your concerns.


    This error message you're encountering typically shows up if the login details entered are not accurate, or if the person trying to access MYOB Teams is an approving manager. For a better understanding, you might want to look at the 'installing and signing in' section of our 'Using the MYOB Team Mobile App' article.


    If these situations don't apply to you, it might be helpful to check out our support sites like or Here, you'll find MOCA, our virtual assistant, ready to assist with immediate queries. If MOCA isn't able to resolve your issue, you'll be seamlessly connected to our live chat team.


    Should you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to start a new thread in the forum. We're here to help!


    If my response has answered your inquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.



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      I have had this error message every time I've tried to log in to this app. 

      My manager has removed and resubmitted me several times, the issue persists. 

      Is there a solution to this that doesn't involve my manager having to manually input my pay every week? It's very annoying for all of us!