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2 years ago

ATO error code: CMN.ATO.PAYEVNT.000199

I have seen a similar error post before, but it would be helpful if someone could tell me again.


I have done a payrun on 06/10/2022, and today I realised that it has been rejected.

The pay period I entered was 18/09/22- 30/09/22 and pay date was 07/10/22.

But it appears in the payroll reporting as 07/10/22-07/10/22 and pay day was 07/10/22.

Could some please tell me how to fix this error.


Thank you

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    Hi Tae-Izu,


    Thanks for your post. 


    I have another post here that explains the reason for this error. 


    If you had any further queries, please feel free t reach out. 


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