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2 years ago

ATO error code: CMN.ATO.PAYEVNT.000199



The Payrun information error was for the following using STP1:

The date entered for Pay/Update Date must not be later than today’s date (ATO error code: CMN.ATO.PAYEVNT.000199).

Until this current year I have not had any error reports.


The pay period was 01/08/2022 – 31/08/2022  paid on 31/08/2022. Payment date is Wednesday 31 August 2022.

This report was submitted on the 23rd August 2022 as I would not be in the office again until 6 September 2022.

The Payrun information errors states the date entered for Pay Date must not be later than today’s date … this is not possible as all the pay runs are entered fortnightly on a Tuesday and get paid on the Wednesday, which continue to be accepted with no problems.

I contacted the ATO Community regarding the above error message and received this reply.


ATO Community response

That is the validation message you receive for an UPDATE rather than a SUBMIT action.

Of course, for a submit, you can use a future date, but an update can only use a current or historic date, NEVER a future date.

Are you able to check to confirm that you sent an update instead of a submit? If so, you can just do a SUBMIT that you originally intended and won't get that error message.

Can you also check with your DSP, as I would have thought the product wouldn't allow you to create an update with a future Pay/Update Date?

This is an issue with your payroll product specifically. How your DSP has designed their solution and the process they require you to follow is at issue here.

Sorry I can't help you with how to do this in your solution! There should be no impediment to report 100% salary sacrifice.


I have checked the entry and I did lodge it as a SUBMIT but it looks like MYOB AccountRight has changed it to an UPDATE as there is a zero amount for Net Pay as this is all paid to superannuation salary sacrifice. 

I can't see how to change this from an UPDATE to SUBMIT either to resubmit this report.


How do I correct this and stop this from happening again going forward please.



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    Former Staff

    Hi Kay (KayVeron)


    Where the error message says; "The date entered for Pay/Update Date must not be later than today’s date" - that is not looking at what you entered for the Payment Date, but physically the date in time when you submit the pay run.


    If you were to put the payment date as 31 August 2022 and sent it on 23rd August 2022, then the software is behaving correctly. You won't be able to prevent this from happening, but don't worry, you can just submit the next pay run as normal.

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      I'm getting this message each pay run and now the last 3 pays I have scheduled for the holiday period are now rejected.  How do I fix this.  Also, I am reporting Nil pays (as the Director is not taking payment at the moment)

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        Former Staff

        Hi KellieL 


        As I mentioned, the ATO will not accept pay runs with a date in the future. If you have scheduled the pay runs by entering it now with a future date, that will be the cause of the error.


        There is no fix, as this is intended behaviour. A workaround would be to either do an update event after the date has passed to send it through again, or send the information through with the following pay run. 


        Hope that helps.

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