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2 months ago

Paying Super to Cbus



I am trying to create a super payment for the first time to an employee. He is with Cbus and has uploaded the super choice form. The ABN and USI and member number are correct. 


The error message says "this fund can no longer recieve contributions using Pay Superannuation. PLease edit the fund from the Superannuation fund list window and select a valid fund name for it."

I have rang Cbus and they have confirmed theat they do accept payments from Myob.  


I found this old solution here but I can not work out how to add the super fund correctly to the list. I have added it, and called it "CBUS 1" to differentriate from the original. However, I am unable to add the USI and ABN as those fields are greyed out. 

Pay Super rejecting fund | MYOB Community


PLease can you help ? 

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    Hi Doreen, were you able to please help with the above?

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    Hi ali23,


    Thanks for your post.


    Kindly provide the USI and ABN of the super fund as well as the fund name so I can check it on my end. It will help me a lot in assisting you efficiently. I'm looking forward to your response.


    Best regards,


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      HI Dorreen 

      The super fund is CBUS 

      ABN 75 493 363 262

      USI CBU0100AU


      Many thanks