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2 months ago

Payroll Register/Activity Reports


I am two weeks in using MYOB Business Pro after transferring from Account Right and I have just completed my second pay run which I have tried to print the report and it is telling me my Payroll Register and Activity Reports don't match.  I have checked with STP Reporting and all is right.  Thinking it has something to be with the dates.  My payroll week starts on a Wednesday and finishes on a Tuesday and I have only processed it today. So technically i need my report to be dated 5 Jun to 11Jun and because the same thing happened last week it will only print last weeks report.



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    Hi lflower ,

    Thanks for your post. For payroll reports, it's best to set the filter date to the date of payment or YTD to ensure the YTD totals match the YTD verification report. If they match, everything is good. If there are discrepancies, please try our virtual assistant, MOCA. It’s designed to dive deeper into issues like this. You can engage with MOCA through for any queries or assistance you might need. If MOCA can't provide the help you need, our live chat team is available to pick up where MOCA left off.

    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!


  • Hi Lorraine,

    To resolve the issue with Payroll Register and Activity Reports not matching in MYOB Business Pro:

    1. **Check Pay Period Dates**: Ensure the pay period dates are correctly set from June 5 to June 11 for this week's report.
    2. **Adjust Report Filters**: When generating the reports, adjust the date filters to match your payroll week (Wednesday to Tuesday).
    3. **Verify Pay Run Dates**: Confirm that the pay runs were processed with the correct dates.
    4. **Re-generate Reports**: Generate the reports again with the corrected date range.
    5. **STP Reporting**: Since STP Reporting is correct, the issue is likely with the report settings rather than the data.

    If the problem persists, contact MYOB support for further assistance.