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4 months ago

Reconcil 2 bank payments to one payroll in the web bases MYOB

Hello   I paid an employee the incorrect amount so I paid the balance in the same day So there is 2 banking entry to one payroll entry When I go to reconcile it will not allow me the select both ...
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    4 months ago

    Hi DAL-WA,


    Thanks for your post. As mentioned in my previous response, you will need to reverse the payroll transaction and redo it twice with the two amounts to match the bank feed transactions. Once the pay run is processed, you can match the payroll transaction to the bank feed transaction. The Help Article on Fixing a Pay will provide you with the steps on how to reverse a pay.


    Another option is to create journal entries that match the two bank transaction amounts. The Help Article on adding and finding journal entries will provide you with the steps on how to create a journal entry for payroll. However, I recommend seeking help from your accountant when doing this, as this would be considered financial advice.


    Feel free to reply if you need further help. I also recommend getting in touch through our online help center, MOCA, whenever you need immediate assistance.


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