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6 months ago

Can't send invoice or create invoice PDF

I have been trying to send an invoice this evening initially via the email function and then even as a pdf download so I could email it myself... however it keeps coming up with a failure for both options. I then tried creating other test invoices and doing the same and have come across the exact same issue. 

Is anyone else having issues right now? This is very frustrating.

Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 7.22.45 pm.pngScreen Shot 2023-12-14 at 7.24.07 pm.png

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  • Same issue here since about 7.45pm tonight. Hopefully myob checks this message board coz I've got no idea how to fix. 

  • I'm having the same issue, can't send Invoices and support only available 7am-7pm

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    Yes having the same issue, this is slightly stressful.

    I have restarted the computer

    cleared the cache

    Tried it on another browser

    Tried it on another computer

    Logged out

    Nothing is working.

  • Same here.

    I noticed Chrome has done an update so I assume that could be the issue 

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      I tried a different browser and It didnt work either.

  • I had the same problem earlier this evening but now it is working again for me. I guess MYOB fixed something that they broke.


    Hope it is now working for all the others who have posted with the same issue tonight.

  • I've been trying to login onto MYOB today and this evening on my desktop and just won't log in at all.