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2 years ago

Create Bill - default account

When creating a bill from an in tray document, the default sales account is usually populated. I understand this is set in the contact, something i cant modify from the new web version of MYOB.


Starting yesterday, customers who have always had this field as default are no longer showing the account so i have to select it as i create the bill.

Also ones that do still have it as default, if i add a second line to the bill (ie seperate the GST free item and GST item) then when i fill in an amount on the second line previously the account would automatically populate when i pressed 'tab' out of the amount field where as now it doesn't.


If there was a recent update to the web version can you confirm there was a change to this default account field?

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  • Hi invalid_again 


    To my knowledge, there hasn't been any change to the way that the Expense account is set up on the Create contact window for suppliers. Just testing the creating of a contact within the AccountRight browser interface you would not see the Expense account field listed on the Create contact window until you have selected the Supplier option:

    With no Contact type selected:


    With Contact type - Supplier selected:

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      That wasnt exactly the issue i raised.


      Contact has the correct expnese account allocated in the contact screen.

      When i forward a bill to intray (as of this week) the contact name, abn and invoice amount are all populated but the expense account is blank. I have to manually select the account.


      see screen shots attached. It is happening for all contacts.

      If in the 'create bill' screen (screen shot) i change contact name and then change it back to the correct one the expense account is populated correctly. So it is something about the process of loading the screen from intray to create bill screen that is failing.


      Again, this is only new, it has worked correctly up until this week.


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        Hi invalid_again 


        Just testing the account selection from an In Tray Document with the supplier automatically selected it doesn't showcase the default account.  In saying that, updating the supplier to another contact and then back to the original does pull through the default account - is this similar behaviour to what you are experiencing?