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2 months ago

Importing Sales Invoices from Tradify into AccountRight.

Hi all,


I am hoping someone can assist me in finding the Sales Invoices that have been sent from Tradify into AccountRight.


Tradify is showing they have been sent but I cannot see where to download or find them in MYOB!?!?


PLEASE can someone help asap




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  • Hello,

    To find Sales Invoices sent from Tradify to AccountRight (MYOB):

    Check Tradify: Confirm invoices are marked as "Sent" in the Sales section.
    Log in to MYOB: Open AccountRight and log in to your company file.
    Locate Invoices: Go to the Sales module, check the Sales Register, or use Find Transactions.
    Integration Settings: Ensure the integration between Tradify and MYOB is configured correctly.
    Verify Inbox: Check for any pending or draft invoices in AccountRight.
    Consult Logs: Review integration logs in both Tradify and MYOB for any issues.

    Hope this info will help you.
    Best Regard,