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3 months ago

Invoices That include GST and GST Free Items Tax Codes??


I have an invoice with some items that are GST applicable and some items that are GST Free.



Total Invoice value is $48.12 (inc-GST)

GST Amount is only $1.09

When I select the Tax Code with GST the system calculates Total GST as $4.37 (which is incorrect)


How can I record the transaction correctly ensuring the GST amount is only $1.09 and the the balance $47.03 is GST Free?


Appreacite any guidance here

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi, Smiten. Welcome in the Community Forum and thank you for your post.


    The GST settings in MYOB is where you choose if your business is registered for GST. If it is, you can set how often you report your GST to the government.


    You might have set this up when you started using MYOB, but you can check or change these setting by clicking your business name and choosing Business settings > GST settings tab.


    This is what the GST settings look like for Australian businesses. The only difference for New Zealand businesses are the reporting frequencies (one, two or six months).


    For more information, you may check this Help Article: Tax codes

    Let me know if there's anything that I can assist you with and I'll be happy to help! 

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    Hi Smiten,

    For once, I don't believe this is a MYOB problem!

    You need to split the expenses on your invoice, on line for GST items, one line for GST Free items.
    Change the tax code on each line accordingly.