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3 months ago

long decimal for overdue balance

Hi there, I have one invoice with a overdue balance of -0.0001, which leads the invoice not be closed. I tried to change the item value to match it but not allowed, and also tried to apply it to fina...
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    3 months ago

    Hi Qiu,


    Thanks for letting us know.


    I am sorry to hear that you're still having issues even after we were able to execute the fix on your company file and logging into your MYOB account. At this point, I recommend seeking further assistance from our virtual assistant, MOCA. It is designed to delve into your issue in more detail and can also assist with login problems.


    You can access MOCA through various support platforms, such as and Please don't hesitate to use MOCA for any inquiries or assistance you may need. If MOCA is unable to provide the necessary help, rest assured, you will be smoothly transitioned to our live chat team for further support.


    Please feel free to create a post again if you encounter any issues in the future.


    Best regards,