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12 months ago

Missing BPAY Payment

A customer has paid via BPAY using the information provided on our invoices.  We have yet to receive payment, even though payment was made several weeks ago.


Our customer has provided several forms of documentary proof that payment has been made and that the correct details were entered.  The money hasn't bounced back to her, nor has it hit our account.


Has anybody encountered this issue before and how do we find out what's happened to the money?

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  • Hello

    ive had the same issue multiple times: yet to find where the money went 

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      MYOB Moderator

      Hi Capel,

      Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!

      My apologies for the late response. In this situation, if you've made a BPAY payment and it's not reflecting in your account or hasn't been received yet, there could be several reasons for this. It might be due to the payment not being processed by your bank or financial institution, or perhaps incorrect or missing reference/payment details were entered.

      BPAY payments typically take around 72 hours (approximately 3 days) to be credited to the account. If the payment has been deducted from your customer's account but hasn't reflected on your end, we suggest reaching out to your bank or financial institution to verify the payment status

      Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!