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10 months ago

Online payments mystery

Hey all,  just wondering if I'm missing something. I get online payments coming into my bank account that don't match up to anything in my invoices. Where do I look up which invoices these payments ...
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    10 months ago

    Just to be certain and sorry if I've completely misunderstood your query...


    For MYOB Business Lite Go To:


    Click top right (your File Name)> Select Sales Settings (third one down)> Click Payments> Down the bottom click Edit Preferences> Top Left Click Transaction Details next to MYOB logo.


    This will list all the settlements with the number from the bank feed under the Transaction description column.


    Nevertheless, it should receipt the invoice automatically.  You just need to match the payment in bank feeds.


    ***The credit card surcharging account should be set to an income account, not the main bank account.


    E.g. 8-1010 Invoice Surchaging


    Cheers and all the best.