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2 years ago

Open invoices not showing all

Previously I couldn't change the setting to just see the open invoices


It was showing all whatever I selected


This was fixed :)


But now when selecting open I don't see the invoices that are overdue


What is happening


Can someone please look into this

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  • An overdue invoice is still an open invoice. They should have just added an overdue filter which is logical. So many other things they could have been doing instead of stuffing around with something that didn't need fixing. Typical MYOB, no bookkeeping knowledge or thought.

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    Same issue, it seems they have introduced a new status of Overdue so now if you use the "Open" filter it will filter them out.
    Between that and "Credit" I think we just need a "Not Closed" filter option for status

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      but there's no filter to find the overdue ones

      i tried clicking on the 'overdue' tab on the front page but that just takes to the whole list and not the filtered list of overdue invoices.


      is someone at MYOB checking this out to update filter / viewing options? 

  • I agree. Every time they upgrade they make life harder for us. Do they even monitor here to see what people aren't happy with?  MYOB is doing my head in. 

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    Exact same issue - just spent half an hour looking for a minor invoice that is overdue. You would think that opening the box that says overdue invoices would actually take you there....


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    So now I have open and overdue options


    I don't like this at all


    Open and overdue in the same tab of open makes more sense to me and a lot easier to keep an eye whats happening


    If it aint broken don't fix it


    Please give us the option of having those 2 in the same section

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      Thanks Andrew


      Looking forward to seeing this back as it was

  • This is also happening to me

    When ever MYOB change the look or upgrade the program with new features it seems to stuff something else up

    Very frustrating