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2 years ago

Warning on double entries

Curious to know how to fix, as it seems that if you enter a bill twice with the same reference number the new myob essentials does not give any warning to advise of the fact. Is there anyway to set this up (like you can in accountright) as it is causing all sorts of issues when clients enter things twice.

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  • I am also finding the lack of a warning when entering a bill twice an issue. I have always entered bills from the intray and since the last update it no longer warns when entering the same invoice number so I end up with multiple double ups and bills that have been paid showing as outstanding still.

    Is there a fix yet?

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      Hi Sharrynne and KATESOLECT


      Thanks for your post. It's great to have you here in the Community forum.


      Currently, MYOB Business/Essentials doesn't have the ability to warn for duplicate invoice numbers when entering the invoice with the same reference number.


      However, I would suggest posting these functions that you would like to see implemented into the system on our MYOB Business/Essentials Idea Exchange board.


      Please don't hesitate to post again if you need help in the future.


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