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2 years ago

Inventory Import Problems


I am having problems imorting a Inventory Adj file.

I have added 1000 items in the item list by exporting a Item list, opening with Excel, adding the new items and then exporting as a text docuent. This all works ok.

When i try and use the same process to adjust the opening quantities for the same items i recieve errors and no import.

The items will no tbe exported unless they ave a qty value. 

I have tried several variations with no joy. I have attached the Item and Inventory files i am trying to use, as well as the origonal xl docment conating the relevent info.



Thank you




  • Hello Mike

    Yes thge Location was teh problem. I had to change the cell reference to Text in order to allocate 001 as per the location address then it imported.

    Thanks for your help





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        Hi Steve StephenRobertso , sorry for the delay. From the log, the -6 errors are probably caused by blank lines at the end of the text file, so just delete those; and the missing location is probably caused by the location value of 001. If you have created multiple locations, look at the location list and use the appropriate ID value. If you have not added any, then the file will only have the one (default) location, and the ID value should be 1.


        The row sequence of the inventory adjustment file seems unusual, in that rows with like ID (journal) numbers are generally together. But the rows should still be imported. 


        Hope this gets you closer to a correct import.