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3 months ago

Show an ITEM's Custom Field on an Invoice

Hi all,


Running Accountright 2024.


We use custom invoice forms to generate a 'manufacturing order' , which is then used by our storemen to select and pack items for shipment. 


When specific items are on the order, i'd like a message/reminder for the storman to appear on our manufacturing order - such as "Items should be individually wrapped". 


I already pull CUSTOMER specific information/reminders such as this into the manufacturing order custom form from the customer cardfile (using Custom Field #1), but I'd like to pull in ITEM specific information from the ITEM cardfile.   Unofrunately, I don't seem to be able to reference this field directly on an invoice document... seems to only be useful for report filtering?


Is there another way I can set up an item to print item-specific reminders to the storeman on a manufacturing order?



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    Hi MJPop,


    Thanks for your post.


    Upon thorough check, the feature you are looking for is not an available feature yet. With this, we encourage you to please take a moment to post on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange board for consideration so that our developers would be able to see it.


    Please feel free to create a post again if you encounter issues in the future.


    Best regards,