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2 months ago

Full-time Under 18 Employee Super

Hi, we have a full-time employee working 38 hours a week. Every week, I record his pay and get a warning that we don't need to pay super and when I check his pay the super is not automatically calculated. I enter it in manually.

The payroll category I used is Superannuation Guarantee and his pay is set-up as a salary with 38 hours per week.  He is set-up the same as all other employees, the only difference is he is under 18.


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    Hi ritat73,


    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the community forum!


    I understand that you have an employee who is under 18, and you are entering his pay super manually as it is not being calculated. If the under 18 employee is paid weekly, MYOB will automatically calculate their super contributions based on the hours worked* when you do a pay run. For example, if the employee has worked for more than 30 hours in the week, super will be calculated and included in their pay. If they work 30 hours or less, super will not be included in that pay. 


    MYOB counts all the hours in an employee's pay run to work out the number of hours worked (unless the pay item is exempt from super guarantee calculations). But if any of those hours don't represent actual hours worked, like allowances or loading, you'll need to manually exclude them.

    If the employee hasn't actually worked more than 30 hours for the week, you'll need to manually remove any calculated super amount.


    If the under 18 employee is paid a fixed salary instead of an hourly rate, and they work more than 30 hours per week, set them up for super the same as any other salaried employee. Learn about setting up an employee's super details.


    Feel free to write a post if you need further assistance.