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2 months ago

Payroll Finalisation not match with Payroll Registry

My client has done all pay runs correctly, with all pay items correctly assigned a category. However when I compare the gross amount from the payroll registry and the EOFY finalisation report, the gross amount is different. 

I have helped them to run an update event, however the figures on the EOFY finalisation tab are still not changed. 

All STP report status are accepted. 


Please advise what else can we do now.

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  • Hi m2imei


    Thanks for sharing those screenshots! It's important that your payroll registry aligns correctly with your EOFY year-to-date verification report. This discrepancy can sometimes occur due to various reasons. For instance, if an employee has left the company, it might throw off the numbers in the reports. To get to the bottom of this, you might want to check if the employee in question has been terminated. Also, remember that the Payroll Activity Summary report gets its info from individual payroll transactions, while the Payroll Register report gets its information from the employee's card. So, any differences between these two could lead to unmatched figures in the EOFY YTD verification report. I would suggest double-checking payroll reports for any discrepancies or entries that might need adjustments.


    Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.




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      The employee has not been terminated, and I have checked the figures from the payroll summary report align with the figures from the payroll registry report. It's only the EOFY verification report not showing the correct gross salary here. 




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    I am having a similar issue. I know where my problem is - the unused holiday pay is not appearing as part of the gross wages (as per instructions it was coded to a new ATO Category of Unused Leave on Termination). It appears nowhere on the former employee EOFY Finalisation (Gross YTD is missing the unused holiday pay) Does this matter? My payroll register & payroll activity match.