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4 years ago

Allocating credits to another customer

I am following the steps to allocate a credit I have in the system to another customer (we have a customer with a national office that pays invoices for several different venues in one remittance). ...
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    4 years ago

    Hi Robdog 


    The process I would use if I needed to transfer a credit amount from a customer would be:


    Note: The below process assumes that you have created a holding bank account through the Accounts list and that you have a $0.00 invoice for the new customer


    1. Navigate to Sales>>Sales Register>>Returns & Credits.
    2. Highlight the desired credit.
    3. Select Pay Refund.
    4. Update the Account to be the holding account.
    5. Record the Settle Returns & Credits transaction.
    6. Navigate to Sales>>Receive payments.
    7. Update the Deposit to Account to be that holding account.
    8. Enable Included Closed Sales.
    9. Enter the payment as per normal before selecting Record.

    The above process takes the refund amount from the holding account to close the original credit note. It will then pay back that holding account to generate a credit note for the required customer.


    In your case, it sounds like you have completed the first half of the steps i.e. completed Step 5 and you need to go through and generate that Receive Payments transaction. With your situation and you know the invoice(s) you are going to apply the credit to you can cheat the system and just apply the payments to those invoices (just ensure that the Deposit to Account is that holding account). With any residual amount of the credit, you would just increase the Amount Applied to one of the invoices OR to a $0.00 invoice. This will give you another credit note for that residual for that customer.