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3 years ago

Analyse Sales (Item) figure is incorrect

Hi Team.


I have an issue with the "analyse sales (item)" report figure.

The figure in the report is not match with the actual sales figure.

I have attached 2 screenshots below, analyse sales report and sales item detail report.

In analyse sales report, the sales quantity is incorrect which i assume cause the sales figure is incorrect as well.

Could anyone help me with this?
Thank you.


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      Hi SWI-Accounts 

      Apologies for the delay in response.

      If you run both the reports future dated, i.e, till 1/03/2099, are the figures still the same?  

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        Hi Komal_S , a client has recently come to me with the exact same issue with their cloud file. I get the same result. I cleared my cache, and I thought the reports were correct (I didn't print any as proof, sadly). But now a few days later my reports are incorrect again, and clearing the cache makes no difference.