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3 years ago

Analyse Sales Report Not Working

Hi    When I run the Analyse Sales (Item) Report it saying nothing to display, it was working last month. I have tried different dates with no luck. When I run it for one or two items it works.  He...
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    3 years ago

    Hi mnicole


    Thank you for the diagnostic log. Upon investigating, our teams are aware of an issue where running the Sales Item report shows no data when there is item transactions in the file. The cause of this is due to the following:

    1.  Items no longer marked as 'I sell' are causing the report to display nothing
      This can be identified by exporting items and seeing which ones have income accounts but no 'S' for I sell.
    2. If you have a large amount of items this could cause the issue, it is suggested to select the items manually. 

    Currently there is no work around at this stage, this has been passed on to our product teams. 


    Do let me know how you go.