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5 years ago

cannot upgrade file after installing accountright 2020.2

Hi,  i have installing AR 2020.2, i have few files, nothing wrong with the 2 online files. However, when i tried to open offline files but there is error message "unable to upgrade your file"   i...
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    5 years ago

    Hi Fang 


    AccountRight 2020.2 has a few different versions as we have had to release some patches to the initial product. However, AccountRight 2020.2.2 is the most current version of the program. I would recommend ensuring that you do have that version installed of the product.


    If you are encountering an error message indicating that you are Unable to upgrade your company file so we can investigate further do generate that error message and then grab us the diagnostic file. This way we can see necessary would be required to upgrade that file to AccountRight 2020.2