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2 years ago

can't find a hiding purchase Order.

one of open purchase order only can be found when export Purchase orders file.

but can't find in MYOB Purchases Register.

How to delete or modify that order?

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  • Hi JohnFu 


    What you describe is typical once a Purchase Order has been converted to a Bill. It remains hidden, and cannot be edited or deleted. You will need to make any adjustments to the Bill or start a new Order.




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      Thanks you gavin12345 

      We using export funtion to sort purchase order with right supplier. as sales order has mutiple lines with different suppliers. trasfer SO to PO and select one supplier would not works.

      so we export all open Purchase orders first, group lines with right supplier in CSV file and import them back.

      It was all good for a long time. but from last week, we found this order exported everytime. 

      we don't want change or delete it, just want to know as a bill, why it comes with the open order export every time?

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        Hi JohnFu 


        Could be one of 2 things (or perhaps more):


        • The export is not filtering for Open orders only correctly since update - however if this were the case, I would expect all closed/converted orders to appear in the export, not just this one.
        • When this order was converted, it was not processed correctly and MYOB is incorrectly treating it as an open Order when exporting. Flag setting needs to be fixed.

        Was there anything different about this order? For example was a payment applied against this but not against the order Purchase Orders?