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2 years ago

customer refund

Hi, we received an overpayment from customer. So I did closed the invoice, and create a supplier account for that customer. I aslso processed credit invoice, and click the refund applied. however, the amount that should be refunded was not debited in our bank account. I tried to create or download aba file so this will be paid manually but I cannot seem to find how to do it.



  • Hi Northern2020 

    The Help Article you linked in your reply is only a guide for refunds that are not electronic.

    What we could do is follow through with this Help Article Paying customer refunds electronically. This is a step-by-step guide to paying the customer using an ABA file. 




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    Hi Northern2020 

    Generally, we record the payment with the exact amount of what the customer sent, and if it's an overpayment this results in having a customer credit.


    My understanding of your post is that you having trouble creating the ABA file. and the ABA file is created after you process the payment using Prepare Electronic Payment. Here is the Help Article Making electronic payments with a bank file will help you process the ABA file. 


    Here is a useful Help Article Paying customer refunds electronically that will also help you with the rest of the process. 


    If you need further assistance don't hesitate to reply to this thread.