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8 months ago

How can utilised credit notes be shown on remittance advices

I saw a post from 2021 (now closed) that this was an issue and that MYOB support didn't consider to be something that needed resolving.


Can anyone advise if there is now a way to show the utilisation of credit notes against purchase invoices on remittance advices sent to suppliers to support payments. As of Oct23 our remittance advices just show the net amount paid against a supplier invoice, without showing the fact that a credit note has been utilised:


For example:

Purchase invoice #INV-123 $500

C/Note #CN-456 ($150)

Net due and paid $350 (shown against INV-123 on remittance advice)


Some (disorganised) suppliers don't bother trying to work out why we paid less than the full amount and match payments to whatever they feel like, perhaps to the oldest invoices/cnotes in their ledger. It then doesn't take many weeks before our ledger bears no resemblance to their ledger due to missed invoices/cnotes/early settlement discount differences etc, particularly if the supplier doesn't send out regular statements.


Showing the utilisation of credit notes against purchase invoices on remittance advices will help to reduce some issues and help reduce wasted time reconciling messed up purchase ledger accounts.






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  • Hi,

    I am having a same issue and wonder if MYOB support came back with a solution.

    It seems that this is a long term issue with MYOB though...

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    I agree - this is something I struggle with as I often have suppliers come back asking why I haven't paid the full invoice value, and it's because the credit note I've applied doesn't show on the remittance. I have specific suppliers I have to manually email listing what I'm paying and how it's to be applied. Such a waste of time. It would be great if the credit notes applied would show on the remittance advice.

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      Hi GemGem,


      Thanks for posting. I see your struggle with not being able to see applied credit notes on your remittance advice. I appreciate your patience in dealing with this. You might want to consider customizing your remittance advice templates or using additional filters. See this helpful article about the fields and columns you can add to forms for more detailed instructions. Feel free to post again anytime you require further help.



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