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2 years ago

Is there a server Problem?

Is anyone else experience issues connecting to the MYOB servers for online files?

We have been getting a connection error for about 40 minutes now.


my.myob connection works ok but their is a problem connecting to AccountRight Live.


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  • Hi joffl81


    Thanks for your post. We haven't had any widespread client reports about AccountRight experiencing Connection errors. If you're still getting this error message I'd suggest going through our Help Article Error: Connection error which has instructions and information on what to troubleshoot. 


    Do let me know how you go. 

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      So it turns out we were locked out because we were running a 2022.6 data file.

      As soon as I did the file upgrade we were back in.

      There was no notice that this would happen and in the middle of a business day?

      This shows the contempt MYOB has for their paying customers.

      I am appalled.

      MYOB really are on a downhill slide.

      They used to have great customer service but it is beyond bad now.

      I spent a couple of hour on the phone on hold only to be cut off yesterday.  Then tried the live chat only to be told that it would need a product specialist to call me and that would have to wait until early next week as it was a Friday afternoon.


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        Hi joffl81


        I'm sorry that you had that experience. If you wish to offer additional feedback on this, you're welcome to do so via the Feedback & Complaints channel on our Contact us page.


        Generally you should recieve notification for updates when there is an AccountRight server edition update available, information on this is available here. I'm not sure what would have happened at the time, if you do experience any issues in the future you're welcome to post on the Community Forum. We'd be happy to help.