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5 years ago

MYOB Capture - Rotating a document , Tray Tax Invoices

Hi  I use the MYOB Capture to scan Creditors tax invoices into the MYOB Tray via an ipad.  I have several tax invoices that are in landscape.    Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to rota...
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    5 years ago

    Hi Chelle_001 


    MYOB Capture will upload the image that has been taken of the document as is. For example, if the image of the document was taken in landscape then the image will be uploaded as a landscape-based image. The Capture app doesn't have a provision to rotate documents. If you are needing to rotate or change the document you could look at doing that through the device's photos app and then emailing that through to your In Tray's email address for upload.


    Documents that are uploaded and linked to a transaction are available forever. The system will not remove the attached document if you do close your financial year.


    Printing directly from the In Tray is something that we are actively looking into. In the meantime, saving the document and then printing that saved document is the recommendation if you do require a printed copy of the document.