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3 years ago

Partial Imports



I have been importing supplier invoices since October 2021 - apart from teething problems, it worked perfectly.


For February and March 2022 it has not been so good - a number of invoices are being rejected for error 241 - Supplier not found.  Invoices for these suppliers for prior months were  imported - no changes have been made to names in either the export system or AccountRight.


For the month of February 38 suppliers were accepted, 48 suppliers were skipped.


The download file and error log have been viewed by the export system person, and someone in AccountRight who was unable to help me.

Our IT man has looked at everything and can't see the issue - and advised I go back to AccountRight.


So please help me!!



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    3 years ago

    Hi BronwynMCC 


    Thanks for the update and apologies for the delayed response. 


    I was able to replicate the problem using your test import file, and with further tests I found that it's the 'Record ID' field being the cause. I chose 'Matching cards using their Co./Last Name' during the import, and removing the data from the 'Record ID' field allowed the import to go through successfully.


    So if you are also matching cards by their Co./Last Name during import, I'd suggest open the import file in Excel, remove all data from the 'Record ID' column but keep this column as this is a required field for the import. Additionally, the import file you attached isn't the AccountRight v20xx's import format, it requires the first line of the text file to be a specific format, I've attached a screenshot below, please add the {} symbols as indicated:


    With the above all updated, save the changes to the text file then import again. I hope this helps.

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    Hi BronwynMCC 


    Have you since found the cause?


    If not, please advise which version of AccountRight you are using. And in order for us to look into it further, could you please prepare a sample import file and attach it here? Please also attach its import log showing the exact error, and a screenshot of the involved supplier card showing the name fields, so we can try replicate it.