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3 years ago

Quantity to show zero on Invoice

Hi, We are using the latest version of MYOB 2022.1. Can anyone advise how we can actually have zero quantity show on our Invoices instead of blank when using a recurring Invoice? At present description and price show with no total value but would like a 0 to show for Customer. We do not wish to delete these lines as we would then need to enter them up again every month.

  • Hi Unfortunately it does not seem to be possible.

    I need Invoices to print out with 0 in the quantity.

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    Hi Caroline,


    If you go into the list of recurring entries and select the invoice you want to amend you can change the quantities to zero and save .


    It should then show as zero when you use it next


    Hope this helps



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      Hi Lisa,

      We are requiring it to show zero on the printed Invoice rather than just being blank?

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        Sorry I tried a few things and it just shows blank in qty 


        Not very useful im afraid