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3 years ago

Supplier's item number - no report

Hi Folks/MYOB I may be missing it - but - I cannot find a report that lists inventory items - supplier - "Suppliers item number"!!   Why would I want it?   Company XYZ purchases from either an ex...
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    3 years ago

    Hi The_Doc 


    The Supplier Item number report is not a field that I have seen on a report. However, others in the Community may have some ideas on what report to get it onto.

    In saying that, it is an exportable field so you could use the Import/Export Assistant to show that information. Alternatively, it is a column that can be added to the Item List window -- right-click on the column headers and select Column Chooser. If you wanted that data, you could then right-click on the table and select Copy list to clipboard to obtain that information on-screen to paste into Excel or a similar product.