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2 years ago

Tax inclusive Box ticked/unticked

I understand that the tax inclusive box in sales invoices saves when an invoice is recorded. Very annoying! However what is even more annoying is if you have several company files (by invitation) and write invoices for different companies. If you record an invoice in company A tax exlusive (box not ticked) it will also change it in company B and vis versa. I will write hundreds of invoices for company A end of month and then swap to company B mid month. It's anxiety on next level if I figure out I didnt tick or untick the box after writing a hole heap of invoices or even sending them. 

Can this not be changed somehow? People are asking for this for years. 

There should be a default tax in or excluded in the individual company settings, so it defaults to that every time you open a new invoice same with purchases. Maybe a warning or something could be helpful too. 

Please somebody from MYOB pay some attention to this. 

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  • Hi Andrearooney 


    I always thought the Tax Inclusive check box was for screen purposes only - so the user can see either tax inclusive on each line item or tax exclusive.


    When it came to printing invoices, this depended on the type of invoice being use (tax inclusive or tax exclusive). Perhaps do a test. Open an invoice and set it to tax inclusive - print the invoice. Then change to tax exclusive and print the invoice without changing invoice design. Are they different?


    You can change the default invoice used on a per customer basis - perhaps this is what you are seeing?