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3 years ago

Timeout extender

I just spent 52 minutes on the phone with Haer from tech support after the third phone call to address an issue with MYOB getting stuck while approving transactions in the bank feeds screen. The previous two tech reps never mentioned this was an issue whic I found rather shocking. Haer referred me to a community post from 2019


AccountRight Timeout Extender - MYOB Community


I asked why this information isnt available at


Can we fix this?


Please and thank you


Kevin V Russell



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  • Hi Zappy 


    Thanks for your post. If you are getting time out errors, these are typically caused by AccountRight being asked to process more information than it can handle in the specified timeframe. Applying the timeout extender can resolve these errors as it's designed to extend the amount of time AccountRight allows before throwing a timeout error.


    Time out errors in the bank feeds window can be caused by having a high number of bank feed transactions in the file. 


    If the time out extender doesn't help please let me know so we can troubleshoot further.


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      Tracey Hi


      What is a "high number"? 


      I have between ten and twenty im trying to approve at one time



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        Hi Zappy 


        Time outs will occur based on the amount of data that AccountRight is processing in the background. When it comes to bank feeds, previously approved bank feed transactions are stored in the file. If you've got a high number of bank feed transactions stored, say a large account or a few years worth, this can slow down AccountRight as it needs to sort through all that data.


        If the timeout extender doesn't help the issue you can send me the serial number and primary contact name in a private message and we can have a look at the file size.