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11 months ago

A challenge related to the treatment of the "Travel Allowance" payroll category

As you are aware, our payroll data is generated in a specific format which we aim to seamlessly import into MYOB. However, during the import process, we are encountering a problem with the "Travel Al...
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    11 months ago

    I had a similar thing that needed to be done a long time ago (Can't remember if it was for MYOB -probably)


    The solution was to effectively switch the multiplier around, have the non-complying one be set at x1 and then have the incoming data have the varing number. 


    edit: If I recall correctly we also had a problem with the source data not being able to do cents (dicimal points) so we had the source data come in in cents and had the multiplier convert it to dollars ie x1 became x0.01.