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2 years ago

Accidentally terminated the incorrect employee



I accidentally terminated an incorrect employee and now all of his leave balances are incorrect.  I immediately realised and removed the termination date but this makes no difference to the card balances.  Unfortunately the termination date is in FY2022 so not quite sure what to do now.  Please help....




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    Hi Lainie (DLS19042000)


    Sorry to see that no one has replied to you yet. Did you do the termination only in AccountRight or also in the Payroll Reporting Centre?


    • If you need to fix it on the reporting centre as well it's best to do that first. To do this, go to; Payroll Reporting Centre > Employment terminations > 2022 > . . . > Remove termination.
    • To remove the termination on AccountRight: Open the employee's card > Payroll Details tab > Click the dropdown arrow next to the Termination Date > Clear > OK.


    Hope that helps.


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