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4 years ago

Activity Slips - Import Error - Warning 600: Payroll category requires a non-zero unit; ignored.



Please explain what this means.   The only issue I can identify compared to other activity slips I imported is this one has a decimal in the unit? i.e. 2.5   Where am I going wrong surely you can import decimal points?


Have attached log and import txt file.


0 records imported without errors.
1 records imported with warnings.
0 records skipped.

Summary of errors
Warning 600: Payroll category requires a non-zero unit; ignored.

600 STARTER New 2/08/2020 H601 TACK Bell 2.5 H601 TAC - TACK Bell 8


Please help... Mike_James  you probably know the answer as you are so good with this sort of stuff

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    Hi CloudMindAcc , appreciate the shout-out, but I don't know this one! The help documentation suggests that units allow 2 decimal places, so you could try writing 2.50 instead of 2.5. 


    Can you attach the source text file with a few rows including the one that gives the warning?

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      Hi CloudMindAcc , Mike_James 


      This is a known issue in the system whereby activities which are set up with the type Hourly, are imported with a Warning : Payroll category requires a non-zero unit; ignored, if decimals are entered in the Payroll category field.

      If a whole number is entered, the import works fine, however, this has been raised with the product development team already for a permanent fix. 

      In the meantime, if the activities are set up as Non Hourly and hours are written in the Unit field, they can be imported successfully without any warnings or errors. 

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        Thanks Komal_S , I presume you mean "if decimals are entered in the Unit field"