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9 months ago

Cannot email payslips

Dear. whom it may concern.


I hope this message finds you well. 


We've tried to email the payslips, but it hasn't been sent through MYOB since last week.


After selecting 'Print/Email Pay Slips' to send payslips, we click 'Send Email' for unprinted or unsent pay slips. Then normally it takes some time to email out all the payslips and we could check the sent emails with attached payslips in Outlook sent box.


However, recently, when we click 'Send Email', the window simply closes without taking any action. And When I checked on the "sent emails" tab, the payslips are not there either as if the program considers them as already sent, We also can't find them in the Outlook sent box.


As we are not able to email payslips through MYOB, we've sent them through online as a temporary solution.(web site's payroll>payruns menu)

But it is way more complicated and takes longer to send all the emails through MYOB online. Is there a way to re-enable MYOB to send payslips as it did before?


* MYOB is still connected to Outlook, and all the settings is the same as before when emailing payslips were available. The emails addresses of employees are also correct.

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    Hi Justin_Joung,

    Thank you so much for your post and I'm sorry to hear that you are having troubles emailing a payslip. I really appreciate your patience and understanding about this issue, and I do apologize for the delayed response. I think the situation you've described is related to the payslip delivery method, rather than being an issue with email functionality. To address this, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to Print/Email Pay Slips.
    2. Click on the 'To be Printed' tab.
    3. Within this tab, select any of the payslips listed.
    4. At the bottom, you will find a field labeled "Pay Slip Delivery Status."
    5. If this field is set to 'To be printed,' the payslip will not appear under the 'To be emailed' tab.

    By adjusting the Pay Slip Delivery Status field to 'To be emailed,' you can ensure that the payslip appears in the 'To be emailed' tab for processing. This adjustment should resolve the issue you're facing with payslip delivery methods.

    I would recommend to clear your AccountRight cache. Clearing the AccountRight Cache. This also retains specific instructions used for reporting and various other data entry or information display operations on the page.

    You can also visit this help article for email troubleshooting. Email troubleshooting

    If you require further assistance or have additional questions, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to help!