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3 months ago

Cost Centre update

I updated MYOB today and was greeted with the new " Cost Centre" function.


I checked it out and created a cost centre to see its functionality but decided not to use it.


I deleted the one cost centre I created but now when I attempt to process payroll I cant because it is expecting a "cost centre"


How do i fix this please



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  • Hi CFY,


    I see you've run into some snags with the Cost Centre. No worries, I'm here to sort it out. To keep you posted, the Cost Centre isn't a new feature. We've just updated the language to make it more user-friendly and it's formerly known as 'Categories'.


    I've made some adjustments to your file. Could you please log out, clear your AccountRight cache, and log back in again? If that doesn't do the trick, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.


    Feel free to post again if you need further help.


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