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5 years ago

Payroll Reporting Centre not updated

A file sent to the ATO on 17/12/19 is still showing as sent - not accepted.  A file sent after this (different employees) has been accepted.  


What can I do to confirm the file has been accepted?

  • Answered my own question after some digging.


    Payroll Reporting 24th December - 2nd January
    The ATO is having a shutdown period from 24th December to 2nd January. During that time, clients will still be able to process and submit STP reports, however, these will not get a response in the Reporting Centre until the ATO systems are back up and running in the New Year. Submitted reports during that shutdown time will be queued for processing when the ATO returns.

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  • Hi ASparks 


    If a report has not been accepted by the ATO you can check the reason by clicking on the ... button and selecting View report detail.  If there are errors you will need to correct them before processing the next payrun.

    This help article, STP reports, explains the different statuses.


    There are two ways to update the YTD amounts with the ATO when a report has been rejected or not accepted -

    • wait until you process the next pay, this will send the current YTD amounts
    • process a $0 pay to send the YTD amounts through before processing the next payrun

    Please let me know if you need further help.

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      Hi Tracy


      Thanks for responding.  The file is still showing as "sent".  There are no issues or errors with the file.  It seems unusual that the file hasn't been accepted after 4 days.

      I think a $0 payrun will be the answer.  It's just frustrating as it was a large pay run - I was hoping for an easier solution.


      Thanks again

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        Hi ASparks 


        Once an STP report is sent it is up to the ATO to change the status to accepted, rejected etc. So issues with the ATO servers can result in sent reports not being accepted by them.  If you don't want to do a $0 payrun you can wait until you process the next payrun, which will update the YTD amounts with ATO.


        Please let me know if you need further help.