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12 months ago

EOFY - Not Tax Ready

Last Tuesday 04.07.2023 I finalised the end of year payroll and submitted to the ATO.

I have since had calls from employees saying that in their MyGov, they are unable to lodge tax returns as payments from our company are noted as "Not Tax Ready".

Not that I expect an answer from MYOB, but is this an issue which is being investigated?

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  • Hi afile 


    Thank you for your post. 


    We don't experience any major issues with ATO other than intermittent delays. Usually there is an ATO delays at this time of the year. If you were able to process the finalisation and in the EOFY Finalisation tab, the Final indicator column is already ticked against your employee but still in MyGov account it says "Not Tax Ready". We highly recommend getting in touch with the ATO for further details about this matter. Please let us know if the issue still persists after a couple of days.



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