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2 years ago

EOFY reporting.

My EOFY finalisation report is showing a few employees with $0 gross payment but their PAYG amount is showing correctly.

I have done a $0 payrun, but this hasnt changed the report/issues

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    Hi Queenbeemay 


    You are on the correct track of recording the $0 pay run for affected employees to update the YTD data. Please make sure the $0 pays are recorded on 30/6/2022, and once they are sent via STP, please make sure the report status is Accepted then check the Summary of Payments report (EOFY finalisation tab > click on ... next to the employee name). The figures from this report reflects what's sent to ATO, if this report is still incorrect then please do check:


    - If the Payroll activity report and the Payroll register report match

    - All payroll categories have the correct ATO reporting categories assigned. 

    - Check if the applicable payroll category is incorrectly exempted from PAYG


    Please feel free to let us know how you go.