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2 years ago

EOFY STP Finalisation


We are finalising pay in Account Right.

My STP finalisation YTD report is different to my Pay Activity report - employees terminated during the year are not in the STP report - is this OK?

I should mention the we moved from Account Edge to Account right in April and the employees in questions were terminated before then so they don't have any tranactions in the new software. We cleared the YTD amounts and finalised in Account Edge and notified the ATO with an update event.

Thanks SMM

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  • Hi SMM 


    Thanks for your post. The Payroll activity report gets it's data from payruns processed through Process Payroll. The Payroll Register, Payroll Summary and STP reports get their data from the employee card>>Pay History. As such, if you haven't recorded any pays for the terminated employees in AccountRight I wouldn't expect to see any amounts for them in the Payroll activity report.


    I'd recommend following the steps in this post, AccountRight reports don't match STP reports, to work out why those reports are different.


    If the difference is the terminated employee can you please clarify the following:

    • did you enter their YTD amounts in AccountRight>>employee card>>Pay History?
    • are there figures for them in the Payroll register report?
    • in AccountEdge, did you zero out their YTD amounts and finalise $0.00 or did you finalise their actual YTD amounts?

    Please let me know how you go.


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