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2 years ago

Issue with importing Activity Slips in AccountRight

Hi there

My client currently manually enters Activity slips and we’re attempting to move to importing Activity slips, with a csv file.


However, after numerous attempts, unfortunately the import has failed.


I’ve attached some supporting information:

  • Activity list - snippet for understanding 
  • CSV file - snippet for understanding 
  • Error msg reason (attempted to import multiple times though this is the last message)

In importing the data, the steps have been:

  1. Welcome – selected Employee Card ID to match field
  2. File Type – Import Activity slips, and selected the csv file successfully
  3. Format – Comma / Header fields
  4. Match Fields – these are the fields we’ve attempted to match

Import Fields

Available Fields

Activity Type

Activity ID

Job Number

Job Number





Employee Card ID

Employee Card ID


Need assistance with:

Any pointers would be most welcome. 


Many thanks

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    Hi there - it's been two weeks since I posted this query. If MYOB are able to get back to me, I'd appreciate it. 


    Thanks in advance

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      Hi MarnieMYOB 

      Sorry to see that no one has replied to you yet. I've had a look at the file you attached, and you have put the Activity Type as "Project Management" which should be either " " or "X", and the Customer has "(data removed)", which sounds odd; I am assuming there isn't a customer named "(data removed)"?


      For a list of the field formats please refer to our Help Article: Import and export fields 

      For help creating a template, I have also provided a Help Article on that: Using an import template.


      If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.

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        Thanks Samara for your response. 


        Just to clarify: 

        - For Activity Type - are you suggesting the column relating to Activity Type is left blank or an X? I thought for the Activity Slip import to work, Activity Type is a mandatory field and a key to importing the data correctly. FYI - there are a number of different Activity Types set up for employees in my customer's MYOB. This then assigns the appropriate cost. Please advise 

        - For Customer First Name - this information was deemed sensitive, therefore the info was deleted from the csv file and replaced with (data removed). Apologies for the confusion.


        If you could assist, I'd appreciate it.